Intensive Driving Courses For Beginners

“Lessons For Manual or Automatic Cars- We Teach Both”

In an Automated car, the gear shifts on its own, while a manual car’s gear is shifted by using gas pedals and clutch. Though driving an automated car is really easy, especially in traffic, a manual car offers a greater gas mileage. No wonder, driving lessons for both the cars are equally in demand. Have a look at their differences to choose the ideal lesson for you.

Manual Lever And Automatic Selector

“Automated V/s Manual – Let’s Get Started”

In a manual car the clutch is used for moving, stopping or changing gear. Undergoing our manual driving lessons will help you to master the art of coordinating the use of clutch, accelerator and gear lever. The automated car is void of the clutch. The car changes gears on its own, thus making driving easy. Through the lessons, one has to learn the balanced usage of brake and accelerator.

Price For Manual Lesson
  • 12 hrs manual lessons €264
  • 24 hrs manual lessons €528
  • 36 hrs manual lessons €792
The Driving License

“Your License- An Integral Element Of Your Wallet”

The license you acquire after passing in a manual car driving test will make you legally licensed to drive both manual and automated cars. An automated car driving license will give you the legal right to drive only an automated car, and not the manual one.

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Looking For An Ideal Driving Instructor?

“Unlimited Theory Aids By Instructor For Your Driving Test”

Look no further. At Bami Driving School, lessons are imparted by DSA-qualified Driving Instructors and Fleet Trainers. The DSA provides teaching license to instructors who are fit and well acknowledged to teach. They have years of experience and offer their lessons at a competitive price.


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