Pass Plus And Motorway Lessons

“Reduce Your Chances Of Accident Through Our Practical Classes”

Bami Driving School’s Pass Plus Courses has been specially designed for the lately qualified drivers to develop and hone their driving skills. The Motorway Lessons, on the other hand, aims at enriching the confidence of drivers by training them on motorway driving.

Automatic lessons

  • 12 hrs £288
  • 24 hrs £578
  • 36 hrs £864
  • Pass plus £150
  • Practical exams £70

What Exactly Is Pass Plus Courses?

“Join Within A Year After Passing Your Driving Test”

Especially designed for the licensed drivers, the Pass Plus aims at enhancing their confidence by providing ample driving experience and tips to reduce road accidents. The course is mostly practical-based and takes around 6 hours. Only an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) registered with Pass Plus can provide the required training. At Bami Driving School, we are just who you need.

Benefits of Undergoing Pass Plus Course

“Learn Skills For Life Through Our Driving Lessons”

  • It provides discounts on car insurance
  • Creates awareness about road accidents by promoting positive driving
  • Boost your driving confidence by valuable practical lessons
  • On completion receive a government approved certificate from Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
Vital Modules Of Pass Plus Courses

“1 Hour Of Practice – A Step Towards Perfection”

  • Driving at night
  • Driving at adverse weather conditions
  • Driving on a dual carriageway
  • Driving on a rural road
  • Driving on complicated town roads
  • Driving On Motorways

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Motorway Lessons- Balance Speed With Safety

“Thinking About Motorway Lessons? BDS Is The Name To Trust!”

Irrespective of you being a new or experienced driver, do you desire of making your motorway driving experience easy and stress-free? Think no more, approach us for motorway lessons at affordable prices and gain practical knowledge of motorway driving.

Importance of Motorway Lessons

“Motorways Drivers Be Prepared”

  • Motorways are always seen with high traffic volume
  • Heavy goods vehicle often uses the medium of motorway network
  • Since every transportation travels fact, a driver has less time to think before reacting on a motorway
  • Even a licensed driver in the UK is not taught to drive on motorways
  • Recent changes in motorways lane and advanced use of technology in vehicles can make even a trained driver confused

Why Bami Driving School?

“Approach BDS For Huge Discounts On Block Booking”

  • Besides automatic and manual lessons, we also provide guidance on scratch course
  • Numerous theory aids for each and every student
  • Looking for friendly and experienced driving instructor? We are your one-stop