Refresher Lessons

“Learn Driving On The Right Track And Boost Your Confidence”

Though you have the driving license, does sitting in the driver's seat still makes you tensed? Or, do you doubt your own driving skills? Worry no more! The Bami Driving School in Croydon is offering refresher driving lessons at an affordable price. The lessons have been specially designed to help individuals who have stopped driving in Bromley, Brixton and Streatham for a long time to gain back their road confidence.

Who All Need Refresher Lessons?

“Reduce Your Motoring Costs Through Our Driving Classes”

  • Did not get a chance to drive after passing the driving test
  • Wishing to upgrade existing driving skills
  • Feeling their driving skills has become a bit “rusty”
  • Interested in learning advanced and innovative learning techniques
  • Lost confidence after meeting with an accident
  • Want to overcome motoring fears of driving at night or in adverse weather condition
  • Took a break from driving because of health issues
  • Find motorway or country roads driving stressful

Our Students – Our Pride

“BDS Pride in Teaching Irrespective Of Age”

Nervous Drivers

Though they possess a driving license, they feel afraid of driving alone. Our lessons are specially designed to help them regain their confidence. We start the lessons in hassle-free areas and gradually move on to complex traffic roads.

Non UK Residents

Situated in the town of Croydon we often have students who are not residents of UK. Because most countries drive on the right, they face difficulty and hesitation in driving on the left side. We solve their issues in few classes and provide lessons on roundabouts.

Elderly People

Senior drivers require renewing their license after the age of 70 and then after every 3 years, so it is vital for them to have confidence in their driving skills. Our lessons are devised to help them get rid of their bad driving habits and create awareness about road hazards.

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Why Approach Us For Refresher Lessons?

“Refresh Your Automatic And Manual Car Driving Lessons”


  • All our refresher lessons are short-term courses
  • Specially designed classes for students undergoing Motorway Lessons
  • All our trainers are DSA qualified and registered, so stop looking for the ideal driving instructor
  • Theory aids are provided if desired by students undergoing our refresher lessons


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